Michelle Gagnon-Fummerton

Founder and President, Caring Hearts Cat Rescue

Michelle Gagnon-Fummerton

Michelle Gagnon-Fummerton is the founder of Caring Hearts Cat Rescue & Sanctuary.

In her professional life, Michelle studied and graduated from the Nursing program at St. Clair College in Windsor Ontario and worked at Leamington District Hospital. After discovering a passion for geriatric nursing, she changed courses and worked at Kingsville Court Retirement Home and then at St. Joseph’s Care Group in Thunder Bay.

Michelle also has a love for the arts and began teaching  art classes during the evenings at St. Clair College in Windsor.
She is also a hairstylist who ran her own salon from her home.

Michelle is now happily retired.

Her passion for animals began at a very early age and and has lead Michelle to rescue as many animals as she could throughout her life. When Michelle moved to Thunder Bay, she noticed that there were many dog rescues in town but a very limited number of cat rescues, especially ones that accepted cats/kittens from the surrounding areas, and so she took it upon herself to found Caring Hearts Cat Rescue & Sanctuary. Her desire was to rescue and re-home, and then provide a Sanctuary for TLC cats.

Michelle is very proud to say that Caring Hearts now has two Sanctuaries in operation on the outskirts of Thunder Bay, both of which are at capacity. The Sanctuaries came about after Michelle began trapping, rescuing, vetting and trying to place cats for adoption, some of which were feral and had no other place to go. The Sanctuaries provide these cats with a forever loving home where they can live their lives in a safe and secure environment and receive vet care. Both Sanctuary facilities are heated with outdoor enclosures.

In the pursuit of implementing ethical animal rescue guidelines, Michelle has developed policies that ensure all cats/ kittens taken into Caring Hearts Cat Rescue are fully vetted, including FeLV testing, before being offered up for adoption.

Michelle’s goal is to continue her passion for rescue by finding good homes for all the adoptable cats that come into her care and a safe loving environment for those cats that live in the Caring Hearts Sanctuaries.