Irene Poddubny

Foster Coordinator, Caring Hearts Cat Rescue

Irene Poddubny

Irene Poddubny is the Foster Coordinator of Caring Hearts Cat Rescue and Sanctuary. Irene has been involved in animal rescue/promoting spay neuter of cats and dogs most of her life.

Irene has worked with other animal groups and housed many rescues over the years, including dogs, guinea pigs, rats, chinchillas, a skunk, and even a raven, who she rescued after he fell out of a tree during a storm. Squacky the raven was always hungry! After Irene got tired of digging for worms to feed him, her grocery bill took a big hit when she started feeding him a steady supply of eggs, beef, lettuce and other goodies.

Eventually the rodents and the raven left home, and Irene decided to focus her attention more on cats. After retiring from her career in Corrections, Irene met up with Michelle and decided to devote her energies to rescuing stray and unwanted cats and helping these beautiful creatures find a safe and loving home.

Irene runs one of Caring Heats Cat Sanctuaries on her property. The Sanctuary houses feral rescues as well as some adoptable adult cats that are looking for forever homes. She also cares for additional fosters in her own home, as well as her own collections of house pets……. 2 cats and one dog.