Zorba is a pure white young adult male. He is a gorgeous BIG boy that was found abandoned and taken in by Caring Hearts Cat Rescue. Zorba is 15 pounds of pure couch potato snuggle-bug material, all set to fall in love with his new family.  He really is an adorable big boy who would be a wonderful addition to a family (with children over 12 who will respect his boundaries).

Zorba is extremely affectionate and will take any opportunity to share your pillow with you at bedtime. He approaches life with enthusiasm and take great joy in playing with cardboard boxes, cat toys, and dangly things. Zorba is inquisitive and has a great sense of humour. He will give advice on furniture arrangement during playtime and has become very interested in learning about toilets. When spoken to, he responds with a soft meow or trill and enjoys participating in the routine of daily life. He is gentle and patient with his feline foster sister and loves sharing the back of the couch with her during nap time.

If you would like to add Zorba to your family, please click on the button below and fill out an adoption application.