ADOPTED! – Mama Willow and her babies came into Caring Hearts care in late October 2017 when they were discovered abandoned in a basement.  Willow is very loving and affectionate and her babies are adorable. Mamma Willow has now weaned her babies and is now available for adoption.

Willow is a very energetic kitty and will run around the house and play with toys by herself. She loves to play with other cats. Willow will follow you around the house and is interested in everything you are doing. She enjoys being pet more when all her energy is let out, or she might nibble on your fingers (best to play with another energetic cat). She rarely meows, only for treats, which she loves!

Miss Willow has one green and one blue eye, loves feather toys and anything on a string, sometimes sleeps under the covers with you, loves heated blankets, greets you at the door every time you come home, and loves her favourite food, which is tuna!

Come and meet this adorable girl today!