This energetic and beautiful petite female named Tiny came into our rescue with her mom Georgina. Both arrived from a Northern community. Tiny is now about 2 years old and very affectionate and adorable. Tiny has a unique way of turning her body with her head down when she wants to be snuggled. She plops down onto the floor at your feet and rolls back and forth for attention. It’s almost a cat dance and so adorable!😊

Tiny enjoys lounging on top of the sofa watching the world outside and playing with her toys, especially chasing them around the house. She loves to be petted and receive rubs but is not considered a lap cat. She loves to sleep at the end of her foster mom’s bed or curled up on top of her cat post. She is very talkative and loves the sound of her own voice, often meowing in a soft low tone and chatting around the house. She enjoys playing and being with other cats but takes a few days to warm up to new residents. Note: Does like to occasionally nibble on fingers and hands – may not be suitable for young children because of this.

Tiny loves to be petted and meows in a very low soft tone. The colour on her picture does not do her justice, as she has incredibly soft fur with beautiful marble markings and a white undercoat. Tiny is spayed, received her vaccines and de-worming plus tested negative for feline leukaemia. Please contact Caring Hearts Cat Rescue if you are interested in adopting this sweetheart