Reggie was rescued along with his 3 siblings. He gets along with other cats and has been exposed to the sounds of dogs but not sure how he would be around them. Reggie is approximately 6-7 months old and has been vaccinated and fixed. He has come a long way, and sometimes reverts to feral but for the most part, he loves being petted while he is secure on the ground and is in control and each day he is getting more tame. He purrs and wants more petting and rubs under the chin, but once he gets picked up, he gets ridged and guarded. As he is more exposed to being picked up, he is slowly starting to enjoy it more, so he needs someone with patience and understanding who can give him the love and attention he is looking for. He loves chasing the laser light and playing with toys and he loves his scratching post. His fur is uniquely patterned and his paws are large which may indicate he is going to be a big fella. Some of his characteristics are similar to the Bengal cat, long sleek body and long back legs. He jumps easily from one level to another. Reggie is a manly cat. If you would like to see Reggie, click the button below.