Gorgeous Madonna is a petite young adult female grey and orange ticked tabby cat recently surrendered to Caring Hearts. Madonna is probably under a year old and has been checked over by the vet and given her first vaccinations and been spayed.  She is healthy and ready for her forever home.

Madonna isn’t too sure what she thinks about other cats but may adjust given time. She has not yet been introduced to dogs but loves all the people she’s come into contact with so far.

Madonna is a very sweet, loving girl who is also cuddly and playful. She always wants to be held and cuddled. Madonna will immediately run up to you for love, pets and cuddles or to play. She will even stand to reach your hand to get you to pet her. She would be a very loving, playful affectionate girl and a wonderful addition to any family. Her foster family fell in love with her the second they met her. She is impossible to resist. She is so full of love that she can’t wait to share with you!