Eevee and Beau are an adorable brother-sister bonded pair. Eevee is 1 year old, long furred, larger cat (approx, 1o lbs) who is looking for a forever home together with her brother. Eevee and Beau were taken in by a girl whose parents were unaware she snuck them in, and were then surrendered at ~3 months old.

Relatively high energy, Eevee loves to play, chase balls or laser pointers or ball on string toys but she is a calm high energy. Most of the time she sleeps quietly near you, but is always ready to play. She needs to have other cats in the house as after she gets used to them she grooms, plays with and sleeps with her foster siblings.

We think she’d be fine with dogs and enjoy being around kids. She is ok being picked up and cuddles almost every day, but on her terms, if you try to pick her up and force cuddles she leaves as soon as she can, so we wouldn’t really call her a lap cat.