Cadyss came to the shelter from the Northern community of Big Trout Lake. Cadyss was rescued along with her babies Halo, Angus and Fergus. Now that her babies have found their forever homes she is looking for her new family. She has seen the vet and is up to date on her vaccinations and has been spayed.

Cadyss is a very sweet cat and one smart cookie. Her foster parents have to constantly come up with new toys and play methods to challenge her. She is also a bit of a diva, she loves to preen and be the centre of attention. She would love to be on her own but does adjust to having other cats around.

Latest update:  Cadyss has now been living with 4 other cats. The first week was a little overwhelming for her but now everyone gets along great. She plays and snuggles with the other cats.

She has also been introduced to a small dog and was fine interacting with him. She really didn’t have a lot of interest in him and no fear.
She likes to greet her foster mom after work and is quite vocal telling her about her day and receive hugs and kisses.
Cadyss sleeps with her foster mom every night and her favourite spot is curled up between her legs.

Cadyss is easy to love and will make a great edition to your family