Tiny Bones is a very young mama who was surrendered and sent to Caring Hearts from a remote Northern Community. Bones, still basically a kitten herself, had a difficult pregnancy in which her umbilical cord was wrapped tightly around her kittens. One of the babies lost a foot because of it.  Her whole ordeal must have been very terrifying for her. Bones is very thin and needs a loving home to give her the affection and attention she craves. Despite it all, Mama Bones is the most attentive, loving mother cat we’ve ever seen. Constantly preening and purring with her babies, the minute they begin to cry she immediately comforts them. She has a beautiful temperament and is very loving.

After all she’s been through with her babies and KB, we are hoping SHE will rescue someone with a kind, loving heart, much like hers. Bones enjoys being brushed, being pet and having her chin scratched. She can be picked up and tolerates having her nails trimmed without any fuss. Despite being a wonderfully attentive mama, she is still very much a kitten who loves to play with toys. Bones will make someone a wonderful companion.  Click the button below to fill out an application for Bones.