Beau and Eevee are an adorable brother-sister bonded pair. Beau is 1 year old, long furred, larger cat (approx, 12 lbs) who is looking for a forever home together with his sister. Beau and Eevee were taken in by a girl whose parents were unaware she snuck them in, and were then surrendered at ~3 months old.

These gorgeous cats are are very calm, love attention, playing and cuddling. They are very gentle and would be fine with kids and loud homes. They have never been around dogs but would likely adjust to them given time and patience.

Beau is a pretty mellow cat. He is affectionate, loves to be pet, isn’t fond of being picked up as he is a large boy and it might be uncomfortable for him. He is often near by, and sometimes will come to cuddle, usually once or twice a week. He is not a lap cat by any means. He loves to play when a ball is thrown, and enjoys chasing laser pointers or toys on strings.

He is good with other cats, he doesn’t sleep with them, co-groom or play with them often but he isn’t aggressive to them either.
He hasn’t been around dogs or kids. We think he would be fine with dogs and kids over 6ish, but we wouldn’t put him with kids who are too young to understand that he doesn’t like to be picked up or roughly handled.

If you are interested in giving Beau and Evee a loving home please PM us for an application