AVAILABLE SOON: Caring Hearts recently rescued 11 kittens who were in obvious distress. We have named them Washington, Texas, Pearson, Heathrow, Mississippi, Alaska, Las Vegas, Utah, Denver, Arizona, and LAX.

These kittens have already been tested and are FIV and Pan Leuk negative. Unfortunately, they all have eye infections and an upper respiratory infection which are presently being treated in all of the kittens. This will be costly, to say the least. In addition to this, one kitten has a hernia which will need to be monitored.

We are attempting to raise funds for these 12 unexpected rescues and are asking for donations. You can donate via etransfer or directly to Highview Animal Clinic ph #767-1615 c/o 12 Kitten Rescue

Any amount you can afford would be greatly appreciated as this 12 kitten Rescue was completely unanticipated, however, we could not turn our hearts away from these poor helpless souls. Help us! Help them!