Fostering with Caring Hearts Cat Rescue and Sanctuary can be a heartwarming and rewarding experience, knowing that your foster care of the animal has made a huge difference in that animal’s life by making him or her adoptable.

Foster Volunteer Requirements

  • Fosters must be 18 years of age or older
  • Fosters with pets must show proof of spay or neuter and current vaccinations
  • Fosters must have a separate room to isolate a foster animal, if there are other pets in the home
  • Fosters must have time to care for foster animal(s)
  • It is preferred that fosters have access to a vehicle
  • Fosters must abide by the foster agreement signed upon joining the program

Typical Foster Responsibility Includes:

  • Daily feeding of your foster cat(s) or kittens
  • Daily litter box cleaning
  • Attention to the medical needs of the cat (if any)
  • Time, lots of time to love, snuggle, play and socialize with your foster(s)
  • Contacting Caring Hearts Foster Coordinator a few days before materials are needed (litter/food) to arrange drop off.
    NOTE: Caring Hearts Cat Rescue is not responsible to reimburse you for any items you purchased on your own. We appreciate when fosters buy food or toys but cannot afford to reimburse purchases of items that we normally acquire through donations.

What kinds of animals need fostering?

  • Cats without any special needs but that can’t be accommodated at a shelter due to space
  • Orphaned kittens under the age of 2 months requiring intensive care
  • Nursing cats with their litters of kittens
  • Cats with minor injuries or treatable illnesses
  • Cats that are shy or frightened (and therefore may seem aggressive) and need socializing

Become a Foster Today

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