Caring Hearts Cat Rescue is thrilled to announce that Buddy has found his forever home… with Caring Hearts Cat Rescue. We just couldn’t bear to let him go! Buddy has become our mascot and will live out his final years showered with love and attention within the Caring Hearts family. His story has touched so many people and is the perfect example of the magic of animal rescue.

Here is Buddy’s story:

Buddy is a street wise old warrior with a huge spirit. Also known as White Sox by those that had been feeding him for the past 10 years, he somehow managed to survive a decade on the streets as a stray, when most street cats don’t survive for more than a few years.

On January 15 2019, Buddy was trapped by a concerned animal lover who could see the battered stray was in desperate need of medical attention. Buddy was picked up by Caring Hearts Cat Rescue volunteers and immediately brought to Highview Animal Clinic. While desperately afraid and in severe pain, Buddy allowed his rescuers to help him. He wasn’t a feral cat – most likely Buddy was someone’s lost pet who never found his way home.

Unfortunately, the news from the clinic wasn’t good. Buddy’s eye was beyond saving and he also tested positive for FIV (Feline immunodeficiency virus). Despite his diagnosis, Caring Hearts and the medical team at Highview felt he deserved a chance. After all, isn’t that what rescue is all about?

On January 16th, Buddy underwent surgery for the removal of his badly infected eye as well as neutering. He received intensive medical care and was then released to a loving foster home. His spirit was strong and Buddy was able to regain his strength and begin to heal.

But then the question arose – what would become of Buddy after he recovered? Due to his FIV+ diagnosis, and his many years as a stray, Buddy would be difficult to adopt out. He needed a quiet home without any other animals or small children,  and a warm loving family that would work with him, win his trust and give him the kind of home he so deserved. Before long, it became apparent that Buddy belonged with Caring Hearts permanently and would stay in their care for the rest of his life.

Buddy has so many people to thank for his fairy tale ending. So many supporters have stepped up and donated to help with Buddy’s medical expenses. It is so very much appreciated!

Buddy would like to sincerely thank the following:

Kevin Mooney
Kathleen Farrazzo and her son Daniel Muller
All the friends and neighbours of the Rockwood/Empress Ave. area, who faithfully fed Buddy for the past 10+ years
Donald Baxter of Caring Hearts Cat Rescue & Sanctuary, his new Dad
Dr. Tallon & Staff at Highview Animal Clinic
Special thanks to everyone who donated to Caring Hearts Cat Rescue & Sanctuary for his veterinary care

Buddy now looks forward to living out his golden years with love, comfort and warmth, as ALL cats should.