We are desperately in need of your help!

We are desperate and in need of help.

We are struggling financially and our vet bill is now close to $3,000.00. We have recently rescued two nursing mother cats, one diagnosed with coccidia and the other is having issues with blood in her stools and some of the kittens are receiving medication. None of the cats on medication are available for adoption. Some of our older kittens have eye issues and require further treatment and more medication. Medication is very costly along with numerous veterinary visits. One poor kitten was treated for a broken leg.

Please help us by making a donation of any amount to our account at Highview Animal Clinic, 860 Red River Road, 807-767-1615 or by donating through Paypal on our Donation page.  Any amount will help.

Please continue to support us during this difficult time.

Thank you!
Michelle Gagnon-Fummerton