We are Looking for Foster Homes!

We have numerous cats that would love to be fostered.

If interested please visit our Foster page and fill out the application you will find there.

We need foster homes mainly for adults or homes that could take in litters of 4-6 kittens; we rarely ever get just one at a time!

We are also looking for homes that have no cats and could take a single cat. We have a couple of cats in our care who would be much less stressed if they are the only cat in the house.

Caring Hearts provides all food, litter and necessary items to care for cats being fostered as well as covering any medical care they may need.

Fostering is perfect for students- get some companionship when you can’t commit 20 years to a companion and keep costs to a minimum¬†

Have your own animal companions? Kids? No problem! Your creatures and children can help socialize cats in our care.

All help is appreciated both by the humans currently fostering and the kitty’s who are in our care.

Michelle Gagnon-Fummerton
September 2017